I’ve put off writing about my first and only travel adventure this year, for numerous reasons. The first being that it didn’t go accordingly and was cut short because of a loss in my family that I’ve spent a great amount of time mourning, the second being that this year, and more specifically this last month has been a whirlwind and it didn’t make much sense to write a travel blog inspiring others to travel during a shelter in place order, and lastly because I’ve held this last adventure close to my heart knowing that travel has been put off for the unforeseen future. Read More


I’ve been back from Indonesia for a little less than month now, and am finally just finding my footing and a little inspiration to write about it.

This was the most challenging trip I’ve had to date, and I haven’t really known how to process the life challenges thrown my way until now. Read More

-Sequoia National Park-

While being in my brace, I majorly struggled to sit still. I would get frustrated over not being able to hike, or be outside to my fullest degree. Traveling was near impossible, and slowing down did my head in.  Read More


This trip to road trip Colorado had been in the books for over a month.

I’ve always struggled differentiating the difference between pushing myself out of my comfort zone, and listening to my body’s needs. I injured my knee before leaving LA which put a damper on this trip. Originally this was supposed to be a backpacking/ camping Rocky Mountain National Park, and Sand boarding/ camping Great Sand Dunes National Park with all the exploration in between. I contemplated if I should even still go on this trip with the condition of my knee. But alas, I can’t turn down an adventure, so Colorado or bust. Read More

-Banff, Canada-

After spending my last two birthdays out of the country, I decided to make it a tradition to start a new year around the sun, in a new country I’ve never visited.

This year I chose Canada, Banff specifically. I do find it odd that I waited until the last two years to visit the nearest countries to me, but holy smokes was it worth the wait! Read More

-Travel Etiquette-

I have been thinking a lot about the people I have encountered and the things I have seen while traveling. Things that have rubbed me wrong, and also left me feeling wrong for either not speaking up, or not knowing how to express my thoughts. Read More

-Victoria Falls-

Anytime I look at my photos from Victoria Falls, I get goosebumps, revisiting the feeling of vast unknowingness. This was my 2nd natural wonder of the world, and the first time I had my breath taken away by nature’s unpredictability. Read More


I am so excited to share about my experience in Africa! I’ve had a handful of people reach out and ask about the organizations I worked with and what I was doing there, so feast your eyes!

Let me start by expressing my mistakes. I am HUGE on doing research on animal organizations before volunteering or donating money. Read More

-Help reduce your Carbon footprint-

Here are a few easy and achievable ways you can reduce your carbon footprint:

•Switch out to LED lightbulbs. They use 95% less energy than incandescent light bulbs. Less energy means reduction in demand of power plants and there’s a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions. Plus they last YEARS longer. Read More

-Exploring Stephens Gap-

About a year ago I came across a picture of someone rappelling into a beautiful lush green cave. It looked like somewhere out of South America. Read More