-Victoria Falls-

Anytime I look at my photos from Victoria Falls, I get goosebumps, revisiting the feeling of vast unknowingness. This was my 2nd natural wonder of the world, and the first time I had my breath taken away by nature’s unpredictability.

There are 16 stopping points around Victoria Falls and the longer you stand at one, the more you’ll get to experience her mischievous ways. At one of the stop points, I believe 11, we stood there in awe of how it looked like the drop off to the end of the world. Politely getting misted by the falls, and then out of no where felt like someone dumped a bucket of water over your head. Kind of a metaphor for life, really!

This was a spur of the moment addition to my trip, and it surely did not disappoint. I was hesitant to leave the wildlife conservation for the last part of my trip, knowing I wouldn’t be returning, but it was the best impulsive decision I’ve ever made. The wildest 48 hours of my life. Truly the adventure of a lifetime.

We booked some excursions through Shearwater Victoria Falls once we arrived. Www.Shearwatervictoriafalls.com

Our first stop was zip lining across the Victoria Falls Gorge. It starts in Zambia and ends in Zimbabwe. Be sure to have your passport, because you will have to go through border control! It’s a bit of a walk once you cross the border so give yourself enough time to get there before your scheduled time.

This was my first time zip lining something of this extremity. 3 of us took a shot of Amarula (liquor native to South Africa- Must try) and were on our way! I’ll admit, I played it cool, and tried to explain that this wasn’t that big of a deal to one of the guys in our group that had a fear of heights, up until I went to strap in. I was GOLDEN up until that point. Once I hooked to that line though, I had a mouth like a sailor, and didn’t stop screaming from Zambia to Zimbabwe. 300 meters over the rapids in the Batoka Gorge in 30 seconds! Such a rush, and so much fun!

We didn’t space enough time after the zip line (and grabbing some food) to get back across the border to our next excursion. We had a gentleman picking us up, and he expressed several times the importance of not being late. We RAN all the way back, and partially got a ride on the back of a man’s bike for less than a quarter mile because it actually slowed us down, with food in our hands to meet our ride. We showed up to the van out of breath, covered in sweat, devouring chicken burgers and fries like monsters. I can’t stress this enough, leave enough time in between excursions for transit!

We arrived to The Zambezi Helicopter Company, where we originally had a 12 minute flight planned and soon after arriving, spontaneously got upgraded to 25 minutes. And what a difference does that time make! We soared over Victoria Falls, went over the gorge, traveled along the Zambezi River and got to witness elephants, hippos, giraffe, and zebras, all in the wild! There is nothing that gets me as choked up as seeing wild animals in their natural habitat. There was a herd of elephants together munching on Marula trees that just sent me to tears. (Play “Where’s Waldo” and try and find them in this terrible picture. I found 10!) Yes, I’m a bit of an emotional loose cannon, but when you see some of these endangered species in mass quantity’s, where they belong, I think it would move just about anyone. I recommend everyone who visits Victoria Falls to do the heli ride!

We got our timing right by our third and final excursion of the day. We hopped on a bus and shuttled to a ferry boat on the Zambezi River (4th longest river in Africa!). This was the infamous sunset cruise. They serve a light snack of egg rolls, skewers and some sort of nut. They also have an open bar for this two hour ride. There is a drink called the Zambezi rainbow that you can afford to have one or maybe half of one based on sweetness. But heck is it pretty to look at! We saw so many hippos and baby hippos on our ride and it’s another sight that words don’t amount to. Hippos are the worlds deadliest land mammal. Killing estimated 500 people in Africa each year. I found it fascinating knowing that and getting to witness the peace fullness of them potato-ing around in the water in front of us. One of those, “I’m freaking out” moments, but it lasts the duration you’re visiting Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

I’ve seen some sunsets in my day, but nothing amounts to the sunsets in Africa. I sat at the front of the boat and watched the sun fall behind the end of the Zambezi River. Easily one of my favorite moments during my time in Africa.

Along with many locations in the world, pictures just do not do this place justice. Magic is the only word that comes to mind when describing the feeling Victoria Falls brings you. Simply unreal.

Add this one to your bucket list!

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