-Things to do in Curaçao-

Curaçao was my first island experience and it did NOT disappoint.

When I had thought of island life, I personally started to get claustrophobic. The thought of running out of things to do or see makes me jittery. I like to always be going on some new adventure.

I think this wander, is what brought me head over heels for the ocean. Something transpired from my first snorkeling excursion.

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-12 reasons to be a backpacker –

1. You always have your possessions on you, so there’s no chance the airline will lose it.

2. Learning to travel minimally is badass!

3. You don’t have to pay for checked bags!

4. It’s an amazing feeling knowing everything you own is on your back! Read More

The Beginning

The first time I left the country, I was 19 years old. After graduating high school, my only focus was to work my butt off, save every dollar that didn’t go towards fresh out of high school bills, and backpack Europe. I wore a necklace with an Eiffel tower hanging from it everyday as a reminder that I would see that landmark one day.

It took me about a year, but I saved everything I thought I would need to make this adventure happen. Read More

Let’s go!

Welcome to my adventures!! I am so excited to share this journey! Throughout my travels, I have always been good about journaling, so I thought, why not share my ventures to maybe inspire other wanderlusters to make their way around the globe!? Read More