-12 reasons to be a backpacker –

1. You always have your possessions on you, so there’s no chance the airline will lose it.

2. Learning to travel minimally is badass!

3. You don’t have to pay for checked bags!

4. It’s an amazing feeling knowing everything you own is on your back!

5. You’re sure to meet like minded people wearing backpacks too 😉

6. Backpacking is a lifestyle. You’re destined to learn about your surroundings and yourself!

7. You’re guaranteed to shed some weight you’ve gained from indulging in cultural yummy goodness!

8. Carrying that extra weight, you will learn about your strengths and surpass the limits you’ve set.

9. Hostels! You’ll meet so many fellow travelers and make worldwide friends!

10. With less material items, you’ll be pushed to go out and explore, rather than stay in your hotel or hostel!

11. Not having to wait for bags means leaving the airport sooner!

12. Having a backpack makes for a great pillow at rest stops. 🙂

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