-Mother Earth, you light up my life-

Not so much a travel post, but a Mother Earth appreciation post.

Driving home last night around midnight, I began to feel the rumble in my car from the thunder, followed by the sky being lit up by lightning bolts.

Then came the ran. Something biblical. I couldn’t see anything through my windshield so I had to have only been going 10 mph. This is all so unusual for Southern California. The amount of rain and storms we’ve had is unheard of.

That being said, the fires we had last year made it look like the apocalypse. When I was driving to Ventura a couple weekends back, I couldn’t help but cry seeing all of the rebirth out of the charcoaled ground. That’s a sight that will give you hope.

Anyway- as I was driving home last night in terror, I decided to try and capture a couple shots of the lightning. I’m so glad I was a reckless fool, just trying to get home in rough conditions but also wanting to capture this monstrosity. Theses sides of Mother Earth just make me want to explore her more. But also lead me to believe that she’s pissed off. That we’re not doing enough to preserve her. This is just one of the many signs of global warming. These crazy weather conditions we’ve been having all over the world. I truly believe this will only get worse if we aren’t doing our part.

Some personal suggestions: eat less meat, use less plastic, clean up trash that isn’t even yours around the ocean, see if going hybrid/ electric is feasible, less emissions, make sure your fires are always completely put out, stop buying products with palm oil, just do your part in eliminating your carbon footprint. Be kind to the earth.

Anywho! Here is what I got to witness last night!

Happy wandering!

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