-10 Best Apps for Traveling-

1. Hopper!

This app is incredibly useful. It will map out the entire year and show you the cheapest dates to fly on.

2. Skyscanner!

Another helpful app. Essentially does the same thing, but being the bargain shopper that I am, I like to compare deals. Skyscanner also has hotel and car rentals!

3. Maps.me.

Needed this app when I first started traveling! This app, gives you maps that work offline. It can help with directions, restaurants, near by coffee shops etc. And you won’t have to worry about data usage!

4. Happy Cow!

This is a personal favorite. This app will give you a list of vegetarian/ vegan friendly restaurants in the area you’re traveling in!

5. Hostelworld!

For the backpackers/ wanderlusters who don’t require a fancy hotel, but prefer a safe place to socialize and store your belongings while you venture! Find the best hostels in your area!

6. AllTrails!

I am an avid hiker. This app helps you find hikes! You can filter everything from things you want to see on the hike, to the intensity or length of it. Take the road less traveled and explore Mother Nature while you travel!

7. WhatsApp!

I’m sure many of you are already familiar with this, but for those who are not, this is the best source to stay in touch while abroad. Texting/ calling made so much easier for international travel.

8. Duolingo!

This app is SO much fun to learn some basic or intermediate phrases before traveling to another country. I always like to have some in my back pocket before traveling somewhere else. It’s courteous to know some basic words in the language of the county you’re traveling to!

9. White noise!

This is a personal choice. I have a tougher time sleeping in places that are new to me. Having this app has helped so much with comfortability and falling asleep. Having a consistent sound in a place with new sounds has been a dream come true.

10. XE Currency!

Avoid getting over charged and have the most up to date exchange rates in the palm of your hand. Does not require data or internet either!

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