One of my good friends got the job opportunity of a lifetime. He became the CEO of Cancun.com. I know what you’re thinking, because we all are. And no, I’m not joking. He got to spend half a year in Mexico, making an insane amount of money monthly, met the locals, and got to do any sort of attraction you can think of to do there, while putting out video content!

I got to be his first visiter there! I hopped on a plane, and 5 hours later, landed in Cancun. Shortly after landing I went to another part of the airport and boarded a tiny 6 person plane. I had a tremendous amount of anxiety on this one, (even made a playlist to listen to to calm my nerves), but to be honest, I think we were in the air for MAYBE ten minutes.

We landed on this beautiful little island called Cozumel.

I stayed at a resort called Meliá Cozumel. (Highly recommend). It’s right on the ocean, and all inclusive. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time there, but when I did, I was either in the well maintained beach area, or taking one of the fun courses they offer.

The first full day in Cozumel, we hopped on a moped and headed down the coast. The first attraction we did was a snorkeling excursion. Cozumel is famous for their magnificent coral reefs. It’s a MUST, to dive or snorkel. Playa Palancar was the best. They had the friendliest staff, and were so accommodating. We picked out our snorkel gear (where I was made fun of my flipper size, “GRANDE” which I informed señor wasn’t difficult to translate) and hoped on a boat and headed to the middle of the ocean. The spot we stopped at first was only about 10 feet deep. It’s called “El Cielo” and is only accessible by boat. Hundreds of starfish. It is breathtaking to see. But PLEASE don’t touch them. Respect their space! 🙂

We left Palancar on our moped and headed to the next resort, Mr. Sanchos.

We were greeted by friendly, warm, staff. Didn’t take long before we were encouraged to partake in the excursions they had to offer. We picked out helmets and raced four wheelers through the forest. Then we went horseback riding through the jungle onto the beach.

Lastly we jumped on jet skis and were idiots on the ocean for an hour.

That night we were invited by the owner of one of the best restaurants on the island for dinner. El Palomar was TO DIE FOR. We were first presented with a beautiful spread of chasers for a Mezcal tasting. I was not particularly fond of mezcal, and it was written all over my face in the video made for the restaurant. (I went red in the face and couldn’t stop drooling. True story) But I can honestly say the food was probably my number one favorite out of places I’ve eaten at while traveling. Couldn’t recommend more.

The next day we had a bit of time to kill so we took the moped down the coast. We went to the east side of the island, also known as the “wild side”. It is all secluded ocean and beach, with colors of blue I had never seen before. Pictures don’t do justice. I recommend packing a lunch, some drinks, and spending a day out here where there is no electricity where you can disconnect and enjoy Mother Nature at its finest.

Chankanaab was first on our list for the day. This place was such a cool exhibit. It was an attraction that taught all about the Mayan culture and history. It would be an awesome stop for families. We were made hand made tortillas and salsa by a sweet old woman in a straw hut of sorts. She crafted these on a hot stone wheel. And they were DELICIOUS. I always love learning about how things were once done.

Next, we were invited to Dolphin Discovery. This is not my normal cup of tea. Being an animal activist, I’m not one to be excited to see animals in captivity. But alas, we had to capture all parts of Cozumel. This felt very different to me than most animal exhibits. I liked that the animals (although still inclosed) were kept in the ocean. The staff were well informed and so gentle with the animals. For content, they had me swim with the manatees. I’ll be honest, this was a very humbling experience, swimming with these guys in the ocean. Manatees are a relative of elephants and the only marine mammal herbivore in existence!! They reminded me SO much of elephants, all the way down to their toenails. (Also on the endangered species list, so take care of our oceans!!) And I got to be with these sweet potatoes in the ocean. If I had to recommend a safe, educational, and large living space for the animals exhibit, I would say Dolphin Discovery Cozumel would be a fun day for the family.

I spent St Patrick’s day getting sunburnt while consuming green beverages and doing beach yoga. Not in that order. It was nice to have a day to just relax and not have anywhere to be. We spent the afternoon in the kayaks provided by Meliá Resort, paddling around the ocean and hitting each other with oars.

My last couple days in Mexico, we took a boat back to the main land and stayed at Dreams resort in Playa Mujeres.

This resort is BEAUTIFUL. We stayed in a suite overlooking the resort with our own private pool! The detail that they put into this place to offer a warm welcome is overwhelming. We felt like royalty.

We were invited to Mezes restaurant for a dinner in a private wine cellar. Our host, Josh, was one of my favorite people I met during visit. We had 5 courses, I believe, and told stories while drinking some of the most delicious wines I’ve had in my life. I was so taken back by all of the hospitality I received in Mexico. I was so saddened to leave. Not the typical, leaving vacation and back to the grind, kinda sad. I was just pleasantly surprised by a week of encounters with some of the kindest people I had ever crossed paths with. Mexico will always hold a big part of my heart. Cozumel needs to be at the top of your to do list!

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