-Three Sisters Falls-

After downloading AllTrails app and exhausting some of the hikes in the LA area, I did some research on some road trip-able waterfall hikes. I stumbled upon a hike near the San Diego area, (but more inland) called “3 sisters”. I couldn’t find too much about it, but the pictures looked divine.

I took the day off and road tripped out with a buddy of mine.

Okay— getting there.

GPS will get you there by typing in Three sisters Falls trailhead (Descanso, CA) , BUT there are no signs that say you’re at the trailhead. You will be on boulder creek road for 12 miles. It’s a small, VERY bumpy dirt road. You will reach a dirt lot and park in there. At the end of the lot is the trail head.

This hike is 4 miles round trip but expect to be hiking 4-5 hours. Best time to go is right after a rainy season, or the chances are high that there won’t be any water. You can hear and see the falls down in the canyon from the top!

I went during the summer and I can’t express it enough, that you want to bring a TON of water. I have heard that people get life flighted out from dehydration.

Shoes with good grip are a must, and hiking poles would be helpful.

There are spots to climb down that have a rope to help. There are also spots to climb down that SHOULD have a rope to help, but don’t. Take your time!

I had a BLAST doing this hike, but I’m glad I didn’t do it alone. It’s definitely one to take on with a friend. I don’t think people describe this as a hard hike nearly enough. I’m an avid hiker, and this one was pretty brutal. It was 100 degrees out so that more than likely was a big playing factor.

I loved the little challenges, like scaling vertical rock and jumping across the creek.

When you arrive there are three pools/ waterfalls. Each one is more beautiful than the last. The bottom one is the most popular because there is a natural rock water slide to go down.

There is a rope assist to help on your way to the second pool.

We spent a good few hours swimming around, and under the falls. Make sure to leave with wet hair, as it helps with keeping cool on your trek out. It’s pretty brutal once you’re out of the canyon. It’s all uphill, and no shade. Save your water for the way out.

This is a must hike, for Southern California! Hope you enjoy this serene magical place as much as I did! Mother Earth spent a little extra time on this one. ✨

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