-These are a few of my favorite things!-

Road trip snacks! Where I love a good road trip, I also like to keep it healthy while wanderlusting! Here are a few of my favorite healthy snacks! And vegan!

1. Louisville Vegan Jerky!

One of my favs! Regular jerky eaters will love this vegan alternative. And comes in multiple flavors! Heaven!

2. Biena Chickpea Snacks!

How these only just came into my life, I’ll never know. I always have cravings for crunchy snacks on the road. These are full of protein AND fiber. And so much less fat than nuts. Try this snack, you’ll never go back.

3. Gomacro protein bar!

These vegan treats are perfect for sweet cravings. Jacked with fruits and nuts, and natural sweeteners. And super yummy!

4. Trader Joe’s Freeze Dried Banana Slices!

Another sweet snack I love! Crunchy and light!

5. Clementines!

No brainer. Always love these easy to eat cuties! Bonus- they make your car smell good!

6. Fruits and Veggies!

I go to the farmers market each week to stock up on these local and fresh snacks to have at home and in the car. Add some hummus and call it a day.

7. Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie

These boys captivated my heart. I like to have these in my car after a good workout too. Lots of protein when I can’t get a shake in right away. The ultimate sweet treat for a road trip!

8. Juices!

Green juice in particular is my jam. I’m not big on soda but I like to have something sweet. These juices are the perfect quencher for that craving.

9. Jug of water!

I’m big on recycling and downsizing in plastic use. I carry my Nalgene with me everywhere. Gas stations will typically allow you to fill up your bottle at the fountain for free, but just in case, I carry a large arrowhead in my car.

10. Archer Farmers Fruit & Nut Mix

I carry raw almonds in my car always, but I am a lover of that sweet and savory mix. This stuff is the bee’s knees. Hits the spot, every time!

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